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Teen Evolution Ventures, LLC, is based on the ethical-spiritual business model, an emerging solution for the creation of businesses that expand consciousness and promotes profound changes in society. This model is committed to transforming the dominant social paradigms with the clear goal of arriving at the root cause of all social crisis: the belief in separation, the veil of duality. Teen Evolution facilitates the holistic, psycho-spiritual development of teens, within the new paradigm of complexity, counteracting biological, psychological, or social reductionism, and any theoretical or practical form of stigmatization based on the current dominant gender paradigm.

Our Mission:

To create safe and fun learning spaces where members of Generation Z, specially diverse LGBTQ + teens of color and those with functional disabilities, can develop their enormous potential and psychospiritual strength. From there, they will join the global movement of leaders committed to the expansion of human consciousness.

We also support the social actors that impact the life of teenagers with communities for mothers-fathers and educators. 


Carmen Delia Ortiz
Puerto Rico

Carmen Delia Ortiz
After completing her Ph.D. in Education, Dr. Ortiz served as director and creator of the Bilingual/Multicultural graduate programs at Bank Street College of Education.  Left Bank Street to serve as program officer at the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE). While at FIPSE, was responsible for projects that promoted high quality education for minority students in USA and Puerto Rico.

In her new career, Dr. Ortiz is a conscious business and holistic financial planning coach. She was awarded the MBA from Columbia Business School, served as advisor to the Small Business Administration, founded the US Hispanic Women Chamber of Commerce, and created three live personal finance radio shows in Miami, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Orlando, Florida.

For more information visit her LinkedIn profile

Blanca Cesilia Carrero

Blanca Cesilia Carrero
Psychologist specialist in Clinical/Community Psychology. Certified as an International Life Coach. Co-creator of the ethical-spiritual business model and expert in conscious entrepreneurship. Received Masters Degree in virtual education. Author of various books including “10 Steps towards an Authentic Life” and “The 12 Keys of Holistic Success”

Jacquie Medina
Dominican Republic

Jacquie Medina
Licensed in business administration and human resources. Recently has acquired expertise in education and family services, directing school parent empowerment programs in New York City. She has completed specialized trainings in family therapy, relationship healing, a Course in Miracles and other human development and conscious education programs.

Gabriela Cea Castañeda

Gabriela Cea Castañeda
Licensed in education, with expertise in human development, family education, emotional intelligence and Mindfulness.

Our Vision:

Millions of emotionally healthy, resilient teens transformed into agents of change for a new world full of peace and unity.

Our approach includes providing meaningful support based on techniques and resources that integrate physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual dimensions, within the subjective experience of each individual.

Ethical-Spiritual Approach with teens in Teen Evolution Ventures, LLC

Our Company uses a HYBRID structure

This Hybrid structure (brother-sister companies, non-profit and for-profit) allows us to use private investment capital as well as to receive donations and contributions from government organizations, foundations and other entities. These sources of capital are required in order to achieve the gigantic socio-ethical-spiritual impact that we envision possible for our planet.

Teen Evolution

Teen Evolution

Teen Evolution

Teen Evolution

Teen Evolution
For Profit

Communities Online

  • Teen Evolution (for Teens)
  • Teen Evolution Family
    (for mothers/fathers)
  • Teen Evolution Education (for educators)

Supernova School Project

Technological Psycho-educational Resources for Schools

Teen Evolution
For Profit

  • Teen Evolution Store (books, physical products, etc.)
  • Teen Evolution Energy
  • Teen Evolution Centers
  • Special Events and Consulting Services

Our Values Are

As an ethical-spiritual company, talking about what is important in our life, including our purpose-driven work, is essential. These are our main values:


More than a value, Love is an attitude, a level of consciousness where we want to vibrate.


Nobody is left out. That is why we have a scholarship and other aid programs.


We are family and we want to be with the teens that join our community


We cannot change our vision of gender while we operate unconsciously in other areas of life. We seek coherence.


You and I are one. We promise to look at the EGO and remind ourselves that it is an illusion.

Social transformation

Everything we do is at the service of human transformation, moving towards a new loving world for everyone.