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100 Challenges to Show Your Power

Workbook Series for Teenagers Re-Evolving the World

A psychoeducational resourse to transform limiting beliefs about gender
The Supernova Workbook Series is a resource for personal transformation based on an ethical-spiritual vision of life. In Supernova adolescents are challenge to live guided by values, without falling into moralisms; accepting themselves as spiritual beings, and learning to love without prejudice.

How the Supernova series was born

The nine books that make up the Supernova series of workbooks were developed as reflection and decision-making exercises that transform limiting gender beliefs. This workbook series, thanks to its challenge format, allows for the development of life skills in the nine most challenging areas that teenagers face as a result of the dominant gender paradigm.

The nine books are equivalent to nine “deep” awareness goals that were determined prior to writing this series. Finally, this compendium of workbooks covers issues of social change, spirituality and our inner being, fullfillment of goals, and improvement of the teen-parent relationship.

Nine attitudes developed in Teens and their names in the Books of the Supernova Series


Managing peer pressure and society’s expectations
Book 1: Abnormality Challenges


Non-dual vision of life/ Spirituality and your inner being
Book 2: Cosmic Challenges


Emotional Intelligence
Book 3: Sensitivity Challenges


Book 4: Courage Challenges


Permanent learning/
Errors as opportunities
Book 5: Learning Challenges


Connecting with psychospiritual power/life’s purpose
Book 6: Creation Challenges


Book 7: Personal Freedom Challenges


Compassion towards fathers/mothers
Book 8: Childship Challenges


Personal Responsibility
Book 9: Action Challenges

Transforming gender beliefs is more than talking about men and women. It is connecting with the being that we truly are beyond skin color, national origin, and preferences

Who wrote the challenges and under what methodology?


The author of the Supernova series is Blanca Cesilia Carrero, Psychologist, specialist in Clinical-Community Psychology, Masters degree in Education, Certified International Coach, Art Therapist and co-founder of Global Evolution Education. Supernova features eclectic psychoeducational exercises, including mindfulness, art therapy, forgiveness practices, meditation, ontological coaching and other empowerment and personal transformation strategies, with an added dose of fun for teenagers.

Each of the challenges has three parts that promote reflection and learning in adolescents. First, a change in a dominant belief is presented, followed by two reflective practices guided by questions. Finally, the “power challenge” appears, where teens perform an activity that confront them with their barriers, inviting them to let go of the past, or create in the present, the person they  want to be. 

Supernova is full of Beauty

The SUPERNOVA Workbook Series is also an illustrated adventure with characters who, like the reader, are overcoming barriers that prevent them from showing their full power in a world that is seeking a new consciousness and transformation.

Who is illustrating SUPERNOVA?


Mukul Ghalot
New Delhi, India

Mukul is an art student exploring the world of traditional and digital painting from New Dehli, India. As an artist, he aims to bring his works to life, and make the process of creating each illustration a learning and enjoyment experience. Illustrating Supernova has been his most wonderful and joyful experience. It has proven to be the perfect start to Mukul’s career as an artist, bringing him much closer to his goals.

Ivón Rodríguez AKA "Sttelland"
Toronto, Canada

Colombian artist who has dedicated much of her life to art. Between classrooms and large universities in Latin America and Canada, has studied graphic design, illustration, animation and conceptual art. In her journey, she acquired the experience, the tools and the ability to create unique, natural, magical and colorful concepts. Sttelland in Supernova


Pedro Aarón Meza Sánchez AKA "Kundu del Castillo"
Guadalajara, México

As a millennial psychologist and illustrator, I am living between two diametrically different generations (Z and X) who continue to struggle to understand each other. Participating in the Supernova project fills me with emotion and love generated by being able to contribute to the development of the full potential of future generations.

Guadalupe Vivas
San Antonio de los Altos, Venezuela

I love art in all its expressions. That explains why I am versatile and able to handle various styles of manual and digital illustration. Nature, animals and traveling are my passion, as well as spirituality. Being part of the Supernova team fills me with pride, because, just like this beautiful project, I resonate with a better world, with inclusion, without physical or mental borders and with the expansion of human Consciousness.

Daniel Ramirez
Cuautitlán Izcalli, México.

Self-taught Illustrator / Graphic Designer with 20 years of experience. Daniel has worked for Disney (1997) with classical techniques such as airbrush and acrylic paints, participated in the elaboration of comic books and in various e-commerce projects that included t-shirt and other product designs.

Participating in the Supernova project is very exciting, because with our illustrations we can move sensitive fibers and cause something extraordinary to happen in the world.

Leticia Elizabeth Aquino Flores
Distrito Federal, México

I am a student at the Autonomous Metropolitan University, completing a career in Design of Graphic Communication, specializing in Illustration. I decided to participate in the Supernova project because it immerses you when reading it, evoking many emotions, it helps you to grow, accept and love yourself. I love that it promotes inclusion, and guides girls as they complete the challenges so that they can overcome and accept themselves. I am very excited to be part of a revolutionary project that changes the world.

Victor Eduardo Sandoval
Cuautitlán, México

Illustrator for the last 25 years, I have worked illustrating for many publishers in Mexico and abroad, most of the time designing and proposing the style of illustration to start a project, other times, matching a style. I like to illustrate digitally and traditionally or combine both techniques, in order to propose quality illustrations, and enjoy my work as an illustrator.

Leslye Barrita AKA "Lesart"
Oaxaca, México

I love the world of the arts, I am passionate about drawing, painting, sculpture and photography. I try to capture my customs and traditions in my art work. Always proud of my Oaxacan origin, I love my city and my magical country. This is why my participation in Supernova is so pleasant, as this project drives change, and we can always create change if we start with ourselves.

Meet the Characters of Supernova



Teemi: is a trans girl, wise and mystical. She is 17 years old, deeply spiritual, and at the same time connected to her body, which is why she cares for and values it. She has used a prosthesis on her left leg since she survived an accident. She presents the 100 Challenges, sharing her wisdom with everyone. 

Abby: Is a 15-year-old girl, loves reading, writes her own blog, and believes in fairy tales. She possesses psychic abilities that she rarely shares with others, and at times this Divine gift weighs heavily on her. She participates in a transfeminist group.




Pacha: Is an owl that accompanies Teemi when she presents a challenge to teenagers who are unable to show their power due to fears and insecurities.

Pacha: Is an owl that accompanies Teemi when she presents a challenge to LGBTQI+ teenagers who are unable to show their power due to fears and insecurities.
Noah: Is a 16-year-old boy, who towards the more advanced challenges starts to question what is a boy and what is a girl. Initially, he only likes boys, but later also likes girls. He doesn’t identify with any gender label. He is an illustrator. He loves to put on makeup and wear skirts. He rescues animals from the street.




Nico: Is a 16 year old lesbian. While going through and working on the 100 Challenges, Nico decides to reveal her secret by sharing with her family and the world that she is a lesbian. She is a guitarist in a rock band and likes to sing, but feels insecure. She has an exuberant voice, loves video games and wants to study engineering.

Enjoy a bit of this artistic process


"100 Challenges to show your Power" Workbook series for teenagers re-evolving the World

Three psychoeducational books that promise to change societal’s dominant beliefs about gender equality. Supernova is an inner journey that allows the adolescent reader to grow in self-love and respect for sexual diversity, while developing personal responsibility and emotional intelligence.

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