Teen Evolution is a psycho-spiritual space for diverse adolescents, their mothers/fathers,  and teachers  created to support connections,  healing, growth and development.

We promote the transformation of adolescents into resilient adults, agents of social change and angels who lead us in our return to Human Unity.

Teen Evolution is a place to meet, heal and grow, where adolescents become resilient adults, agents of social change and angels who support the return to Human Unity.

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“Teen Evolution”

A safe and open online space where adolescents diverse in race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation  can connect and accompany each other to overcome personal and social challenges, discover their mission in life and generate ideas to improve society.

In the “Teen Evolution” community we have an interdisciplinary team that, through private online groups, training, group therapeutic sessions, art therapy and more, helps teens who   early in life experienced social wounds due to their diversity.


COMMUNIty for Mothers and Fathers

teen evolution family

The mothers / fathers of our teens evolution also have a safe space for learning and growing, where they can co-create, hand in hand with their children, experiences  with an interdisciplinary team while they become aware of the dominant gender paradigm, acquire  motherhood /conscious fatherhood skills, and strengthen the affective relationship with their children.


Community for Educators

“Teen Evolution Education”

A very special space 100% online facilitating connections, collaborative learning and the exchange of ideas between educators committed to transforming the “dominant” education paradigm. In our community, teachers will work on their personal skills and learn tools to better manage situations that impact their well-being and effectiveness in the classroom. The transformation of the education paradigm begins with the Being of the teacher. Furthermore, we will provide educators with powerful experiences that shift their beliefs about gender, while supporting them in the application of psychoeducational strategies and resources that promote inclusion and transformation in their classrooms.